Healthcare Providers

At Tech Away™, we’ve provided IT support solutions to Australian GP clinics and dental practices for many years. We therefore understand the way Australian GPs operate and the various major brands of practice management software they use, including Genie, Best Practice and Medical Director. We know GPs operate on tight schedules and they don’t want to waste precious patient consultation time on IT problems. We can provide exactly the right amount of cost effective IT support that your medical or dental practice needs.


All Australian financial service organisations, need to comply with industry regulations or risk fines and damage to their reputation. At Tech Away™, we will ensure 24/7 maximum efficiency for your network allowing your IT services to operate globally. We’ve worked for many years with accountants and other financial services businesses, and so we know how to best secure your data in line with industry regulations. In short, we can help you ensure better working systems, efficiency and productivity, while achieving regulatory compliance.

Real Estate Agencies

Times have been tough lately in real estate and businesses have had to reduce their costs to survive. Now, the market is starting to recover and investing in IT is crucial for businesses to keep up with the growth. At Tech Away™ we provide IT installation and support services that we tailor to our clients’ needs. This frees up our real estate clients to focus on the growth of their business or property portfolio.

Legal Clients

Legal businesses work in an incredibly fast paced environment. A solid IT infrastructure is essential for them to keep up with deadlines and ever changing regulatory requirements. At Tech Away™, we provide IT installation and support that help businesses deliver the highest quality legal service to their clients. We also keep on top of the latest security technologies to ensure their systems and sensitive data are kept safe and secure.

Non-profit Clients

Non-profit and charity based organisations have limited finances to spend on IT. Plus, they want to be using the best internet and mobile technologies to better reach donors. We manage and provide support for the IT of non-profit and charity businesses. Allowing them to set their sights on how best to support their cause.