About Us

Your friendly,
enthusiastic and reliable
IT support provider

We are Tech Away™

An Australian business who provide IT and telecom solutions to small and mid-sized business. We care about our customers and so we do our best to help them grow.

Our experienced and friendly team provides an exceptional level of service to our customers, day-in day-out. We focus on each customer’s needs and only deliver technology that is useful to them.

In short, we strive to offer the best and friendliest IT support services throughout Melbourne and Sydney.


Our Story

In 2008, Edwin Lusala identified a need to supply quality and affordable IT support services to small businesses.

He wanted to combine his desire to help people with his passion for IT. IT support seemed the perfect solution.

So, Edwin set up a company and Tech Away™ was born.

Our company grew between 2009 and 2012, particularly after we began to offer web hosting and development packages.

But it wasn’t until 2013 that we truly established our brand. In March 2013, we developed a logo and website. Then, in June 2013, Edwin left his job working for five years in IT support at a reputable online gambling agency. He brought his experience into Tech Away and dedicated himself full-time.

Since then, we’ve grown steadily and gained an excellent reputation with numerous businesses. This is due to our exceptional IT support, our highly skilled employees, and the top-quality IT solutions we deliver to companies.


Our Company

We provide managed information technology and telecommunications solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Australia. We serve the healthcare, sports, financial services, legal, and non-profit sectors.

Our IT support services include:

  • Support-as-a-service
  • Backup and recovery-as-a-service
  • Infrastructure as-a-service
  • Managed IP telephony
  • Managed video conferencing
  • IT project management
  • Private IP networking
  • Technology sourcing


  • Telephony and convergence
  • SharePoint
  • System monitoring
  • Software (web) development
  • Service desk
  • Disaster recovery
  • Hardware and software
  • IT support and maintenance



Our Values

    We know it’s essential to deliver high quality service. We’ve therefore built a team dedicated to serving our customers.


    Everyone on our team loves IT support. We recruit based on both qualifications and personality. Every one of our team members is highly skilled and has a passion for service.


    Our customers pay us for reliable IT services. Reliability is difficult to measure but people notice when it’s not there. We strive to deliver services that our customers can count on.

Our Approach

We’ve searched far and wide to build a team of heroes. We make sure that every team member is aligned with our values. We encourage them to be committed to our customers, express their passion for IT, and to prove reliable at every stage.

It’s the quality of our team that keeps customers coming back again and again.

We’ve also developed partnerships with some of the best solution providers and security companies. This allows us to provide proven industry practices and solutions. See a list of our partnerships.

But we’re open minded when recommending technical solutions. In short, we want to find ways to help our customers grow.

We work hard to manage risk. We want to provide a low risk environment to our customers. We therefore provide solutions that allow them to plan, assess, identify, quantify, monitor, manage, control and mitigate risks.

Before we start a project, we will walk with the customer through their business area. They’ll tell us what standards they expect us to meet. We then put these in writing so the client can hold us to our word.

We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients and help them build their capacity. After all, if our customers grow, we will grow too.